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New Doubled Die Classification Appears

Through discussion with others to include Billy Crawford regarding the doubled dies that have surfaced that are from the "single squeeze" days of die making (since 1997), a consensus has been reached that we need a new classification of the hub doubled dies that have come from this era. Read more...

The Westward Journey Nickel Series PROOF Issues

The 11-coin proof set, containing both the Peace Medal nickel and the Keelboat nickel, is scheduled to become available from the U.S. Mint in June. It is not known yet whether the Lewis and Clark Coin and Currency Set, scheduled for release May 12, will include proof or uncirculated versions of the two 2004 Westward Journey nickels along with a non-circulating Lewis and Clark commemorative dollar, a Bison note replica, and an optional coin-holding pouch. The next chance for proof nickels comes with the 11-coin silver proof set, penciled in for Aug. 16, according to the Mint’s latest product schedule. The Mint also has a trio of tentative dates for annual uncirculated coin sets: May 18 is for the 11-coin “D